Install the WordPress plugin by using three strategies

WordPress is the biggest and easiest service in the blogging industry. I will show you how to install WordPress plugin easily. Most of the bloggers use WordPress for their blog because of its unlimited design, customization, and features. The main and important tools of WordPress are Plugins for website customization.

What is the WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that is written with PHP programming. The plugin is full of functions that help to customize your site easily. There are so many plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. Always use those plugins which are useful and required for your site. Extra plugins can slow your website. Use our below methods to install WordPress plugin on your site.

Install WordPress plugin
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A WordPress plugin can customize the website easily with its functions. If you are using WordPress, you don’t need to have a piece of deep coding knowledge. You can easily run your site by using WP Plugin. But always try to install your need plugin, don not install extra plugins or any nulled plugin.

Extra plugins can slow your site because of its extra CSS and JS. There are many users who use nulled plugin of any premium plugin to avoid price but I always don’t recommend using such types of plugins to avoid any types of errors. Find our strategies to install WordPress plugin on your website.

WordPress offers three ways to install WordPress plugins:

  1. Search and install.
  2. Upload and Install.
  3. FTP.

1. Search and Install

First of all, I am showing you the easiest process for installing a WordPress Plugin. Simply, go to Plugins > Add New and then search for your perfect plugin which you want. Thereafter, install the plugin and next active this to use it. After activating the plugin, you will get a new option to customize the setting of the plugin. In this case, I searched for Forum Plugins and I got the following results:

Search and Install
Screenshot from WordPress dashboard

Now simply install any plugin as your choice and next active the plugin to ready it for use. Thereafter you can easily use the plugin. It is the best and safe method to use and install WordPress plugin.

2. Upload and Install

In this case, you can upload any plugin (.zip file) to use for your blog or website. You need to go to Plugins > Add New and then click on Upload to upload any plugin as a .zip file. Then install the plugin and active for use this.

Upload and Install
Screenshot from WordPress dashboard

Click on Upload and browse your device to find .zip file to install.

3. FTP

This is another method that is very useful when you can’t install a WordPress plugin using the WordPress dashboard.

Download the plugin from the WordPress plugin library, unzip it, and upload it to your WordPress plugin library using your FTP software.

Normally, the plugin upload folder is located under wp-content/plugins.
After uploading the file, you can simply go to the WordPress plugins folder in the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin. This is a very useful method for those who don’t have access to installing plugins or themes from the dashboard due to any kind of server restriction.

Here are three strategies to install WordPress Plugin for your blog or website. In conclusion, I would suggest you two tools to save and secure your hard work.

Always keep maintaining to install any WP Plugin from the WP dashboard.
If you need to use any plugin which is not in WordPress dashboard then download the plugin from any secure website to install WordPress plugin to avoid any hacking.

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