How to Choose Perfect & Catchy Domain Name for Blog

Nowadays, Blogging is growing day by day. You are getting an answer to any queries from any blog. Many bloggers can’t understand to choose domain name for blog which will be perfect and catchy.

It is very important to choose a perfect domain name for your blog. Because the domain name will be your brand. Your readers will know your blog from your domain name. A perfect and catchy domain name can attract readers.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a website name. Each domain name has its own IP Adress. The communication process to the server is possible by IP Address but the domain name is used for easy memorization. Users access the blog or website through domain names like

Domain Name

There are two parts of a domain are Top Level Domain (TLD) and Second Level Domain (SLD). The Second-level domain is the identifier of a site like for us is the “digibusk” and the Top-level domain is an extension like .com, .net, .org, etc.

Domain Name provider companies

There are so many companies provide Domain Name but I have listed the top 5 Domain Name providers in the below list for their customer support and features.

  1. Godaddy.
  2. Namecheap.
  3. Hostgator.
  4. Hostinger.
  5. BlueHost.

How to Choose Domain Name for blog

I use the best three free tools to choose domain name for blog.

Those tools help to find a catchy domain name for a blog that is available. Also, these tools show many domain names ideas related to your searching word. Those tools are,

  • Lean Domain Search
  • NameMesh.
  • Namechk.
Choose Domain Name for blog
Choose Domain Name for blog

Tool 1: Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is the best tool to find the best Domain Name. This is a 100% free best Domain Name Generator Tool. Let me show you the procedure.

Lean Domain Search
Lean Domain Search

Think that a food blogger wants to choose Domain Name for blog. I have searched the “food” keyword by putting it in the search box. After this, this tool will show you the available domain names with an additionally available Twitter username.

Lean Domain Search for KeywordLean Domain Search for Keyword
Lean Domain Search for Keyword

You are seeing many domain names are showing related to “food” keyword. I am choosing one of them. It will show a popup box to show the availability of Twitter username and you will get a link to buy Domain Name from BlueHost.

Just click on the link and you will be redirected to the BlueHost page. Simply buy your favorite domain name. You can also purchase that domain from the other Domain Name service provider.

Tool 2: NameMesh

The NameMesh is another tool to choose Domain Name for blog. This tool shows both Twitter and Facebook username availability to easily choose domain name for blog. Let’s search for the “tech” keyword on NameMesh.


I have searched the keyword and the next page is showing a log of available domain names with different extensions such as .com, .org, .net, etc.

NameMesh Search
NameMesh Search

From the result, choose your perfect and catchy domain which will be perfect for your blog.

NameMesh Result
NameMesh Result

Now click on a domain name. You will see a pop-up window which is showing both availabilities of Twitter and Facebook username. Let’s check out and buy the domain name. The link will be redirected to the BlueHost page.

Tool 3: Namechk

The Namechk is also a Domain Name finder tool, you may choose Domain Name for blog from here. I have searched for the “blog” keyword in the tool. It shows some results.


As you see that this tool doesn’t generate another Domain Name related to my word. It only shows three types of results on the word which you put in the search box. It will show available multiple extensions on the word.

Namechk Result
Namechk Result

Here black color denotes that the extension with the word is not available, green denotes available and yellow denotes the premium offer. You will get many types of extension for the domain name.

Video Tutorials

I have uploaded a detailed video about how to choose a Domain Name for a blog in Hindi language. Try to watch the video to understand carefully for best practice.

Basically I recommend using NameMesh for its fine domain name generator. This tool helps to find many domain names with the related word and also shows both Facebook and Twitter username availability.

I hope you have seen the brief details about these three tools to choose Domain Name for blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tools free?

Yes. These three tools Lean Domain Search, NameMesh and Namechk are 100% free.

Are these tools gives accurate results?

Basically these tools generate results which is 95% true.

How these tools generate their revenue?

They run several ads on the site and earn from the affiliate links which you redirect to the Domain Name purchase page.

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